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What events can I expect when joining CHFH?


The kind of activities CHFH does includes

  • Park Play dates,
  • Mom's Coffee,
  • Community activities,
  • Serve Projects,
  • Field Trips (monthly plus),
  • Educational and Cultural activities,
  • Parents Night out,
  • Monthly Parents Encouraging Parents meetings,
  • Family BBQ meet & greet
  • Holiday and End of Year Parties or Graduation
  • Weekly get togethers at various locations


Why should I join CHFH?



By joining CHFH you will find the backing needed to better understand the teaching job before you. God loves you and your children and has called you to His task.

By joining CHFH you’ll be connected with like-minded people within the homeschool community. The greatest benefit is the close relationships and friendships that develop. It is an encouragement in this chaotic world to be able to share joys, sorrows and victories together throughout our homeschool journey.

By joining CHFH and participating in prayer support together, relationships are strengthened with God and with one another. Everyone needs the prayer support of others. CHFH gives the common bond between us with Christ first then the mission of our children.

By joining CHFH you will handle the stresses and pressures of daily life and homeschooling better and fully supported by other families like yours. Knowing you are not the only crazy one is a huge benefit.

By joining you will develop leadership skills, planning skills, and more. The Bible teaches that every believer is given certain talents or gifts to benefit others within the family of God. Our group is a perfect environment for discovering yours gifts and your children’s gifts. We encourage utilizing everyone’s gifts and talents.

By joining CHFH you will be cared for and celebrated as the educator you are. The book of Acts is very clear about how God intends for His people to grow and have their needs met through relationship. Our group provides that caring environment to help and support homeschooling families.